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The following services are not provided from the City Hall. If you would like more information, please contact the relevant number directly.

When you inquire at telephone numbers listed in this page, please speak in Japanese or ask someone who speaks Japanese call for you, unless otherwise noted.
If you don't speak Japanese, please get in contact with the international relations organization, and arrangements for getting an interpreter will be made, if possible.
The area code for all telephone numbers is “0242”, unless otherwise noted.
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Ambulance or Fire   TEL:119 Police   TEL:110
When you call an ambulance or fire engine due to injury, acute sickness, and fire, please dial 119 (area code is unnecessary, free of charge) the fire department is open to receive calls anytime 24 hours a day.
When you call the police due to a traffic accident or crime, please dial 110 (area code is unnecessary, free of charge) the police station receives calls  anytime 24 hours a day.
Please see “Emergency Phone Numbers” attached to this guide book for more details.
Holiday Medical Facilities
If you get acute sickness on Sundays, holidays, and year-end/new-year, please use holiday medical facilities. Available medical facilities are different from day to day and it will be listed in Shiseidayori.

A    Immigration and Residency

Contents Inquires
1.Renewal of Residency Status and/or Extension of Period of Stay
The Immigration Office can process renewals or extensions from two months before the expiration of residency status and/or period of your stay.
Koriyama Branch Office, Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau (Sendai Nyukoku Kanrikyoku Koriyama Syuttyoujo TEL:024-962-7221)
2.Immigration and Residency Formalities
Make inquiries for various formalities regarding immigration and residency. Consultation in foreign languages (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages) is available.
Immigration Information Center, Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau (Sendai Nyukoku Kanrikyoku Gaikokujin Zairyu Sogo Information Center TEL:022-298-9014)
3.Switching to Japanese Driver's License
Those who have a valid driver's license issued in their country and meet the requirements for switching are allowed to switch to a Japanese drivers license.
Fukushima Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center (Fukushima  Untenmenkyo Center TEL:024-591-4372)
Koriyama Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center (Koriyama  Untenmenkyo Center TEL:024-961-2100)

B    Insurance and Pension

Contents Inquires
4.Lump Sum Refund For Early Exit From The National Pension and Employee Pension Plans
People who have paid into the national or employee pension plans for at least 6 months may be eligible for a lump sum refund when returning to their home country permanently. Please get an application for the refund while still in Japan, and send it to the appropriate office from your home country.
Aizu Wakamatsu Pension Office
(Aizu Wakamatsu Nenkin Jimusho TEL:27-5321)
5.Unemployment Allowance
Those who become unemployed and are covered by employment insurance may be eligible for this allowance.
Aizu Wakamatsu Public Employment Security Office: Hello Work (Aizu Wakamatsu Kokyo Shokugyo Anteijo TEL:26-3333)
6.Worker’s Accidents Compensation
If an employee should become injured, sick, or die as the result of a problem for which the employer is wholly or partially responsible, the employee may be entitled to receive the benefit of worker’s compensation insurance. Compensation may be claimed regardless of the employee’s position or duration of employment.
Aizu Labor Standards Inspection Office
(Aizu Rodo Kijun Kantokusho TEL:26-6494)

C    For Pre-School Children

Contents Inquires
7.Private Kindergartens
A child aged 3 and over and not yet attending any higher school can enroll at a private kindergarten. As the information varies depending on the private kindergarten.
Each Private Kindergarten

D    Daily Life

Contents Inquires
8.Electricity, Telephones, and Gas
For electricity, please contact Tohoku Electric Power.
Contact NTT East for telephone service and a local gas company for gas supply. If there is a tenant, please notify the relevant office of starting/stopping the utilities when they move in/out.
Tohoku Electric Power
(Tohoku Denryoku TEL:0120-175-266)
NTT East
(NTT Higashi Nihon TEL:116)
Each Gas Companies
9.Employment Services
People who do not have work restrictions on their visa and are seeking employment can use this service.
Public Employment Security Office
(Kokyo Shokugyo Anteijo TEL:26-3333)
To be involved in community services through the neighborhood associations, please inquire at the relevant neighborhood association. If you don’t know the neighborhood association for your area, please inquire at the Environment and Community Services Division (Kankyo Seikatsu-ka).
Each Neighborhood Association
Environment and Community Services Division (Kankyo Seikatsu-ka TEL:39-1221)
11.Translation Service
Translation services are provided between Japanese, English, and Chinese. For languages other than these, please consult with us.
Aizu Wakamatsu International Association (Aizu Wakamatsushi Kokusai Koryu Kyokai TEL:27-3703)
12.Japanese Conversation Classes
These classes are for foreign residents who wish to study Japanese conversation. Class terms will be posted in “Shiseidayori”.
13.Information on International Exchanges
Information about international exchange, such as volunteers and events and also town information is provided by mail or email in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

E    Consultation Services

Contents Inquires
14.Consultation for Foreign Residents
Consultation for living in Japan. Consultation in English, Chinese, and Japanese is available. Other languages may be possible, please consult with us.
Aizu Wakamatsu International Association (Aizu Wakamatsushi Kokusai Koryu Kyokai TEL:27-3703)
15.General Consultation at the Welfare Center
Consultation regarding welfare-related services.
Aizu Wakamatsu Social Welfare Council
(Aizu Wakamatsushi Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai TEL:28-4030)

Contact Information

  • Kikaku Chosei-ka (Planning and Coordination Division of Aizu-Wakamatsu City Hall)
  • TEL:[ 0242-39-1201 ]
  • FAX:[ 0242-39-1400 ]
  • メール送信フォームへのリンクEmail: Kikaku Chosei-ka