The basics of radiation (Basic knowledge about radiation)

Last Update : December 13, 2011

Many people feel uneasy and there is some doubt about radiation because of the series of accidents that occurred at Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant. Here is some basic knowledge of radiation that everyone should know.

Daily life and radiation amounts

Natural radiation exists in our surroundings.
Although we cannot see it, we are normally exposed to radiation in our everyday lives.
The radiation in our daily lives for a year on average is 2.4mSv(=2,400 uSv/). However, certain areas naturally have very high radiation levels. For example, there is high natural background radiation in the area around Guarapari, Brazil, where the yearly dose of radiation is 10,000 μSv (1.14 μSv/h).
When a health survey was performed in the past in that area, it was reported that there were no results that were especially different from health surveys performed in other areas.

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