【Aizuwakamatsu-City】City Garbage Collection Schedule.

Last Update:Mar.18.2011

We collect burnable garbage. However,We don’t collect.-->Thursday and Friday.

Things the city can not collect.-->Unburnable Garbage,Cans,PET-bottles,Bottles,Used Papers,Plastic Containers and Wrapping,Over-sized Garbage/Recycle items.
Burnable Garbage

Burnable Garbage

* Please separate and depose garbage by 8:30AM on the collection day.
* Please take out Burnable Garbage to "Garbage Site (Station)"
* Burnable items. Smaller than 60cm in length. Kitchen Garbage, leather, wood scraps, soft plastics, non-recyclable paper, futons, carpets, video tapes, cassette tapes, disposable diapers, etc.
* Please tie futons or carpets into bundles less than 60cm long. Cooking oil must be soaked with cloth or paper, or by coagulating it.
* Please dispose of garbage by putting it in a clear or semi-transparent garbage bag. (Maximum size of designated garbage bag is 45L and semi-transparent garbage bags in any color are available.)
* Please use designated garbage bags or plastic bags from shops.
* Please drain the water from kichen garbage.
* Please make bundles of wood less than 60cm in length and 30cm in diameter.
* Please tie futons or blankets into a bundle.

Please Contact Aizuwakamatsu City Hall Haikibutsu-taisaku-Ka.