Get to the right way to dispose house garbage

公開日 2022年05月26日

更新日 2023年10月02日

How to Properly Dispose of Household Garbage

※ On collection day, please separate trash and place it at the designated collection site by 8:30 a.m.
※Burnable, non-burnable, and paper waste can be discarded at your local“ garbage station” .Cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, and plastic waste must be placed in the designated containers/collection spots on collection day.
※ Paper waste, cans, and glass bottles (beer bottles, etc.), can be discarded at various garbage collection locations around the city such as supermarkets and neighborhood associations. When disposing garbage at a collection location, be sure to follow the garbage separation rules of the local area.

Burnable Waste

  • Please dispose of burnable waste in transparent or semi-transparent bags that are nolarger than 45L.
  • Please separate and dispose of plastic containers and other plastic items as recyclables.
  • Make sure to rinse and drain raw food waste thoroughly.
  • Wood must be broken down into pieces that do not exceed 60cm long and 10cm thick for burnable waste disposal. Bundles of wood planks must not exceed 30cm in diameter for burnable waste disposal.
  • Fold futons and duvets in a compact shape and wrap tightly with string before disposing.

Paper Waste

  • Please divide paper waste into bundles of similar items, and tie tightly with a string on allsides.
  • Paper drink packs should be rinsed thoroughly with water, cut into a flat shape, and bundled into stacks for disposal.
  • wrapping paper and snack boxes should be flattened, stacked together with similar items (items can be placed in a paper bag), and tied up with string in a cross pattern.

Non-Burnable Waste

  • Please dispose of non-burnable waste in transparent or semi-transparent bags that are no larger than 45L.
  • Please do not use rice bags, soil bags, or other opaque bags as garbage bags.
  • Items that do not fit into a 45L bag can be disposed of without a bag.
  • For spray cans and gas cassettes, please make sure the cans are completely empty and open a hole in the cans before discarding.
  • Please wrap sharp items such as blades or broken dishes in paper before disposing.


  •  Please rinse out PET bottles and remove the caps and labels before discarding.
  • ※Caps and labels should be disposed as “plastic waste”


  •  Rinse cans thoroughly with water and separate into “steel”and “aluminum” before discarding.
  • ※Please dispose of cans as “burnable waste” if they are rusty or difficult to clean.
  • ※Metal can/jar lids must be disposed with “non-burnable waste”.
  • ※Cans larger than an 800g milk can must be disposed as “nonburnable waste”.



  • Rinse bottles with water and separate into the following categories before disposing:(1)Clear/Transparent bottles, (2) Brown bottles, (3) Other colors
  • ※Types of recyclable glass bottles include water bottles, food product bottles, alcohol bottles, and spice/seasoning bottles.
  • ※Drinking glasses and medicine bottles must be disposed as “non-burnable waste”.
  • ※Metal lids and caps must be disposed as “non-burnable waste”. Please dispose of plastic lids and caps as “plastic waste”.
  • ※Please dispose of bottles that are difficult to clean in “non-burnable waste”
  • ※Whenever possible, please return beer or sake bottles to the store/distributor or to your neighborhood association for recycling.

Used Clothing ※ Designated Collection

  • Please dispose of used clothing at one of the 11 designated collection centers around the city. (Sakae-machi City Hall Annex 2, Aizu Wakamatsu City Learning Center, City Community Centers, City Hall branches, Waste Management Division Headquarters)
  •  Used clothes that are still in good condition may be disposed at the collection centers.Please wash and dry clothes thoroughly, and place them in a transparent, plastic bag before discarding them.
  •  Please only use garbage bags that are no larger than 45L.
  •  Old clothing can only be discarded during business hours of each collection facility.
  •  Only certain types of clothing items can be discarded in this way, so please check the city homepage for more details.

Plastic Waste

  • Use up the contents of plastic containers before discarding. If the container is difficult to clean, please rinse with water and wipe out the inside with a paper towel as much as possible before discarding.
  • Please dispose of plastic waste in a transparent or semi-transparent trash bag.
  • Plastic items that are not classified as “containers,” such as toys, must be disposed as “non-burnable waste.”
  • Plastic waste is marked with the “plastic waste” label  [Aizuewakamatsu-City]plamark.gif . Please check the plastic mark carefully to ensure your plastic waste is separated properly.


Oversized Waste・Recyclable Appliances ※Pick-up Collection

  • Collection appointments for oversized waste must be made at least one day in advance.On the day of collection, please place oversized waste outside by 8:30 a.m., and attach the oversized waste collection sticker on each item. (Stickers can be purchased at convenience stores).
  • 【Collection Appointment】Waste Management Division ( ☎ 27-3961). Please call the number and provide your name, address, phone number, and list of items you plan to discard. (Limited to 3 items per collection.)
  • ※Only personal bicycles will be collected as oversized waste. (Illegally parked bicycles whose owners are unknown are not eligible for oversized waste collection.)
  • ※Please remove springs from sofas and mattresses before discarding.(For pocket coil mattresses, please remove each spring from its individual pocket.)
  • ※Springs that have been removed from a mattress can be collected alongside the oversized waste.
  • ※You may recieve a confirmation phone call after collection.
  • ※Depending on the number of collections scheduled, pick up may occur in the afternoon.


Please Contact Aizuwakamatsu City Hall Haikibutsu-taisaku-Ka.